TOPCorporate information
Nihon Calcium Industrial Co., LTD.
Date of Foundation November 25. 1963
Head Office 3-6,Hiragishi 2-4, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 062-0932, Japan
Phone +81-11-824-1611
Facimile +81-11-832-2629
Capital 10,000,000JPY
President & CEO Ujiie, Kazumitsu
Major Banks The Hokkaido Bank, Ltd. Tsukisamu Branch
Company Policy

We are manufacturer of water related products which provide healthy and tasty water and we introduce them not only to Japan but also to the world.

Water is a necessary element for human. However, water quality is currently worsening year by year due to environmental destruction and water pollution.

Problems such as red rust and reddish water are getting more serious becouse of the corrosion of water are getting more serious because of the corrosion of water pipes as buildings deteriorate with age.

Our products change water quality into ionized (pH8.0-8.6), chlorine-reduced and good-tasting water in a short period.
The products contain no chemical materials. Only body-friendly 100% natural materials are used.

Lines of Business
  • Producing and Distributing water purifier
  • ionizer (including Clean Water System) and Futamata hot spring - related products.
  • Red rust / red water prevention and water pipe maintenance.
Exporting countries

〈 16 countries 〉

USA, England, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Middle East etc….

About our products

Our products include water-solble calcium ore with a content of 95.75% from the Futamata hot spring (the only production site in Japan). Professors at Tokyo University and Hokkaido University presented research papers on this calcium ore at a first medical convention.

"Water Machine"
This product prevents red rust and red water in water pipes. Changes all the water in the house into great-tasting ionized water.

"Slim Water","Alkarine Ion Water Stick" etc
It's easy. Just put them in plastic bottles and pour tap water or mineral water.
They change the water into tasty ionized water (pH8.0-8.6)

Bath salt "Bihada-Onsen"
It's superior perspiration from 5 kinds of natural ingredients is much talked about in the media. This product has a lot of customers who love bathing time.

Main products
  • Calcium Carbonate ore from Futamata hot spring (as the exclusive distributor since 1985)
  • Water Machine
  • Clean Water System
  • Power Hydro Water
  • Crystal H2O
  • Alkali-Ionize Purification Pouch
  • Slim Water
  • Slim Water EX
  • Bihada-Onsen
  • Fluffy Rice

Water Purification and Activation Machine