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Reduce Internal Harmful Active Oxygen

Transforms tap water and RO Water
(pure water without additives) into healthful water

  • Reduction of internal harmful active oxygen resists aging
  • Transform tap water into delicious and healthful water
  • Decompose chlorine and its smell
  • 100% natural ingredients add minerals to pure water and make it delicious
  • Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water can be used for cooking.
    It makes rice, tea, coffee, food all delicious
  • Ionize tap water and turn it to pH 8.6
  • Cut flowers and plants will last longer with Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water
  • Best natural sports drink for rehydration
  • Make a tastier whisky-and-water with Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water
  • Make tastier ice cubes with Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water
  • Totally pet-safe drink!
    Give this chemical-free healthful water to your cat and dog
  • Use Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water as a skin toner or rinse your hair for sensitive skin
What is Ionized Alkaline Water of pH 7.6 - 9.0?

Our own ingredient Super Tourmaline Ball transforms even acid tap water and RO Water (pure water without additives) into healthful and delicious water of pH7.6 - 9.0 ionized alkaline water in short hours.
Only 5 - 10 mins needed to adsorb-and-decompose chlorine of 500mL of tap water.
Our product reduces molecule of water and improves nutritional absorbency, and besides,
it reduces internal active oxygen (a symptom of senility) and prevents you from thrombus.

What are Hydrogen and Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen is the lightest gaseous body on the Earth and it still keeps colorless, tasteless,
and harmless even in water.
Hydrogen reduces internal active oxygen and resists aging by maintaining internal balance.

What is Active Oxygen?

Every human has symptoms of senility by aging. Humans have good bacteria and bad bacteria inside body, but bad bacteria increases as they age.
It is said bad bacteria fastens aging, not to mention diseases.

What is Reduction?

It means deoxidization, restore the oxidized object. The measuring instrument of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is known as ORP Meter and its unit is mV. Negative levels mean deoxidization is successfully working.

■General Tap Water/+500 to +700mV

■Water purified with IONIZED ALKALINE HYDROGEN WATER/-100 to -250mV

■Hydrogen Content/1.05 ppm (8 - 12 Hours After)


Magnesium generates hydrogen when it touches water. 1g of magnesium generates about 1000cc of hydrogen and our product IONIZED ALKALINE HYDROGEN WATER amazingly contains 18g of magnesium (pellets)!

  1. BEFORE starting water purification, put a stick into a CLEAN PET bottle and fill the bottle halfway with tap water.
    Shake the bottle vertically about 10 - 20 times to rinse the excess ingredient powder out of the stick. DISCARD the water.
  2. We recommend an empty carbonated drink PET bottle for water purification.
    Because of its thick resin keeps hydrogen inside, not to mention high transparency helps you seeing generated hydrogen bubbles.
  3. If you use a 500mL PET bottle, put a stick into the bottle and fill the bottle with tap water.
    Leave the bottle about 4 - 5 hours to purify tap water and make hydrogen water.
    If you use a 2L PET bottle, use 3 to 4 sticks and leave more than 5 hours.
    After stated hours, you can drink delicious hydrogen water.
  4. If you drunk up hydrogen water, please pour tap water again into the bottle for CONTINUOUS and ECONOMICAL water purification.
    Even if you haven’t drank it all up yet, you can pour water the amount of you drunk.
    This way shortens time to ionize tap water!
  5. We recommend you place the bottle outside the fridge as ionization is easier at normal temperature.You will find hydrogen bubbles on the surface of the stick soon.
    It is an action of reduction.
  6. If you use the stick at night, water purification will be done while you sleep and you can drink thick hydrogen water at next morning. As a health tip, we recommend you drink a cup of hydrogen water BEFORE breakfast.
    It energizes dull morning internal organs!


500mL Bottle
1 Stick
Purification Time
4 - 5 Hours


2L Bottle
3 - 4 Sticks
Purification Time
More than 5 Hours

Recommended Replacement Date/

1 stick purifies water w/
500mL PET bottle 180 to 200 TIMES!

About 2 months after from the first use, if purified water smells of tap water chlorine or you don’t see hydrogen bubbles on the surface of the stick anymore, discard the stick and replace with a new stick.


DO NOT BOIL THE STICK. The stick is only for cold water. Do not boil the stick with a kettle or an electric kettle.
If you want to use hydrogen water for tea or coffee, pour hydrogen water (NO STICK) into a kettle/pot and heat hydrogen water up to 60 - 70℃ because too much high temperature volatilizes hydrogen.

If you find cases stated below, DISCARD water and DO THE FIRST RINSE-OUT ROUTINE #1.

  • After the first purification, hydrogen water tastestoo much minerals or looks turbid or find dark grains
  • Hydrogen water tastes differently after leaving for long hours compare to the last purification
  • White sediment at the bottom of the bottle(Though it is harmless magnesium powder, do the rinse-out routine #1 if you prefer transparent water)

measured results of pH test liquid

  1. (A)General Tap Water of pH 6.8 - 7.0
  2. (B)pH7.6 - 9.0 (proves it is ionized
       with Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water.)

Chlorine Density in Tap Water

  1. (A)Discoloration by chlorine in general tap water
  2. (B)No reaction to chlorine after purification with
       Ionized Alkaline Hydrogen Water
How to Measure Hydrogen Reduction Power at Home


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