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For use in buildings, apartment blocks, hospitals and large-scale facilities, Clean Water System is a running water processor that reduces the level of chlorine and the chlorine smell of water, changing the quality of your water and preventing rust. The water coming out of all your faucets will be great tasting, with a pH of 7.5-9.0.

It left, rust is guaranteed to get progressively worse.
An early response is essential.
Installation is easy with no construction work necessary.
Clean Water System is used at various sites and has met with favorable reviews.
Tasty water -power of mineral
Water pollution is created not only by environmental destruction but also by problems of rust and reddened water as water pipes corrode due to the natural deterioration of buildings and apartment blocks with age. As things currently stand it is difficult to trust water quality not only in Japan but also world-wide. Each one of us must be conscious of the water we drink on a daily basis, and its role in protecting our health.

Are the reciever tank and water cistern safe? Ultra violet rays piercing the outer wall of the tank and combining with the chlorine contained in tap water are said to cause a chemical reaction which results in the occurrence of trihalomethane, paticulary in the case of tanks installed on roof tops.
Clean Water System however converts the chlorine in tap water to an inert material by hydrolysis, creating ionized water. By coverting the chlorine with a monomolecular film, the amount of chlorine in the water remains unchanged and its sterilizing effect is maintained.
Its special tourmaline ceramics and the various other natural minerals inside the Clean Water System absorb and break down the heavy metals and imprities in tap water, producing water that tastes great and is good for your body.


Ordinary tap water has a neutral but close to acidic pH of 6.8-7.0, and has chlorine added to it at water purification plants for sterilization purposes. For this reason the inside of water pipes are easily oxidized, creating an environment prone to rusting.
Residential housing, building and apartment blocks that are more than 20 yours old have serious problems with rusting and reddened tap water.
In order to stop rust, you need to create an environment in which rusting does not occur. The only way to do this is to change water from an acidic to alkaline pH level of greater than pH 7.5.


The calcium film that coats the rust is of a uniform, 0.1mm thickness, and it is confirmed that calcum films thicker than this will not form. Also effctive in preventing rust in boilers, instant water-heaters and oher heating devices.


With only a tiny 1/100th of a reduction in thermal conductivity, for practical purpose there is no impediment to conductivity whatever.

  • Cheap and able to be used in both small and large scale facilities.
  • No construction work necessary for installation.
  • Lower running costs than other company's products.
  • Visible results in no time, Prolongs the life of water pipes.
  • The water produced is able to be used for multiple functions.

Just place in your receiver tank and overhead water cistern
(Test water pH levels 12 hours later).

  Magnetic Pipe cleaning method cathodic corrosion protection method de-aeration method pipe/plumbing replacement work clean water System
Method of Construction Equipment Installed pressure cleaning equipment installed equipment installed integral (exposed plumbing) work Fitting installation
Construction period 1 day 2-3 day 2-3 day 2-3 day 2-3 months 1-3 hours
price 5-6 million yen or above above 1.5 million yen 4-10 million yen more than 7-10 million yen above 25 million yen 1.3 million yen
Maintenance(year) 100000yen - 200000yen To clean again once every 3years, 1.5millionyen approximately 500000yen approximately 500000yen without 330000yen once every 3years
Effect Not immediately effective immediately effective Not immediately effective one month with 1 - 3 months
Construction/Installation fee immediately effective Not immediately effective immediately effective with Included in the price without
Volume of Water used per day Model to be Installed
2~5t One TC5 model
under 10t One TC10 model
under 20t One TC20 model
under 30t One TC20 model + One TC10 model. Total: 2 machines
under 40t Two TC20 models
under 50t Two TC20 models + One TC10 model. Total: 3 machines
under 60t Three TC20 models
under 70t Three TC20 models + One TC10 model. Total: 4 machines

In order to maintain stable water quality, please replace the tourmaline cartridge once every 3 years when cleaning your tank. Please replenish calcium levels by adding 2-3Kgs of calcium once every 3 years.


Clean Water System has been developed using a receiver tank and an overhead water cistern.


iinstalled in Building and apartments in Tokyo


It has also gained the attention of customers in South Asia and Taiwan and is steadly being installed throughout the region.

  1. Hygienic and easy to clean as it prevents the growth of algae in your water tank and makes it hard for rust, scales-and dirt to accumulate.
  2. Helps preserve the freshness of food, has an antibacterial effect, prevents the oxidization of vegetables (when used to wash them), prevents slime on water pipes.
  3. Acts to encourage perspiration in the bath so you can expect a Futamata Radium Hot Springs effect without even leaving your home.
  4. Reduces bad odors after toilet use. The results of testing conducted by the Hokkaido Institute of Public Health on 21 May 1956 show Clean Water conforms to Japanese Phamacopeia regulations regarding odor absorption capacity.
  5. Acts to break down suface dirt particles, helping to remove stains from dirty Laundry is left feeling soft and fluffy.
  6. Itis said that the recommended daily intake of calcium is 600mg. Healthy Clean Water contains an abundant amount and variety of minerals.
  7. Made using natural raw materials. Recognized in water quality testing as being safe and harmless fro the human body.
(Analysis by the Hokkaido Pharmacist Association's Public Health Laboratory)
  Tap Water Water running through the Water Machine
Calcium 11.5mg/l 14.8
pH 6.7mg/l 8.6
Residual chlorine 0.3mg/l 0.05

The Water Machine
is installed directly to the main water pipe.

Clean Water System
for the recieve tank and water cistern

Water Purification and Activation Machine