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Slim Water
Content 50g

It is included kinds of minerals and for diet by drinking every day.

It eliminates chlorine and chlorine odor in the tap water and makes tasty water.

Please drink water with 1.5L~2.0L a day.
You can drink large amount of water because of water molecular architecture and water with a pH more than 7.4. Improves blood flow.

  • Good for tea, coffee, cooking rice, etc
  • Goes with whisky, etc
  • Prolongs the lives of cut flowers and other plants
  • Mix the content in a flowerpot after using for 3 months.
Got into Hong Kong media. Sharply-rising for woman.

1.Wash this product with water before using.

2.Put this product in a water cooler. After 2~3 hours, you can drink it.

This product is only for cold water.
Do not put this product in an electrical pot.
Move made-up water to a pot for tea and coffee.
Water is getting less, put water in sequence.
In case a bag is damaged, you can use just content.
*2L × 270bottles for 3 months.
You can use it more than once.


The water of dissolution
for Slim Water (mg/l)

Calcium 8.68
Magnesium 1.72
PH value 8.5
 Residual chlorine 0.05
From Hokkaido Pharmaceutical Association Public Health Examination Centre

Water Purification and Activation Machine