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Water Machine
water machine

Water Machine is a water purifier installed directly to the main water pipe.
So the water running from all faucets in the house is healthy and tastes great.

benefits of the water

Improves water quality and stops red rust from developing.
Healthy ionized water

Water Machine is used at various sites and has met with favorable reviews.


The water purified by our Water Machine has a natural surface-active effect which helps your laundry by boosting washing power. This support saves amount of your Liquid Detergent to half which is economical and also earth-friendly. Not only saving, but finished clothing is soft and fluffy!
As the water has the effect of reducing foul odors, it stops bad smells from lingering in the rest room after use. The inside of your water pipes also remain clean. Based on the results of Hokkaido Institute of public Health odor absorption testing, Clean water has been recognized as having an odor absorption capacity which meets Japanese Pharmacopoeia adsorption capacity testing requirements.
Bycombining acid with calcium, rust is converted into black iron oxide(magnetite). The layer of calcium that coats the uniform, 0.1mm thickness, and it is confirmed that layer of calcium thicker than this will not form. You may be concerned that this calcium coating will reduce thermal conductivity. However, with only a tiny 1/100th of a reduction in thermal confuctivity, for practical purposes there is no impediment to conductivity whatsever. Also prevents scales from developing in your hot water boiler.

Softens hot water and prevents boiling water scales from developing in the bathtub. Calcium minerals from the Futamata hot spring are contained inside the Water Machine. Feel like you are soaking in a hot spring in your own household bathtub!

Water from the Water Machine preserves the freshness of food, makes dilicious fluffy boiled rice, and when used to wash vegetables, helps prevent their oxidization. Ramen and buckwheat(soba)noodles boiled in this water come out chewy and tasty. The water also prevents slime from developing on water pipes.

Water tasted mild like mineral water. Breaks down the chlorine and chlorine taste of tap water, and provides healthy water that allows you to absorb calcium by drinking it daily.

The water coming out of all your faucets will be great tasting,with a pH of 7.5-9.

Water Machine is a water purifier installed directly to the main water pipe. So the water running from all faucets in the house is healthy and tastes great. The constitution of healthy person is usualy maintained at a weakly alkalescent state (PH7.35-7.4) . Calcium is essential to the development of solid bones and strong teeth. It is said that calcium is the hardest of the minerals or Vitamins to absorb. Drink water from the Water Machine to assist in your health management.
The results after measuring pH levels with a testing solution and Color Chart for the pH Testing Solution
(left)Ordinaty tap water shows a pH of 6.8 - 7
(right)Water that has been thtough the Water Machine demonstrates an alkaline pH of 7.5 - 9

As things currently stand it is difficult to trust the water quality in Japan because of problems such as red rust and reddish water caused by the corrosion of water pipes as buildings deteriorate with age.

Water quality is currently worsening year by year due to environmental destruction and water pollution. Water Machine dissolves calcium minerals with the system consisting natural water-soluble calcium carbonate,various kinds of minerals, magnets, tourmaline(ceramics), and the dissolved minerals are coated over indented surface of red ruster in the water pipe.
The more often the tap water is used, the sooner the effects can be seen.
Water Machine changes water quality and makes good-tasting water as it originally is in a short period.

The inside of a water pipe used for over 15 years.
There is no damage to the outside but the inside of the pipe corroded by rust.
Improves water quality and stops red rust from developing.
Water Machine contains seven types of 100% natural raw materials.

Water Machine is used at various sites and has met with favorable reviews.

Body is smoothened in bathing with the bath powder

Chlorine is added in tap water. I believe most people have felt pungent when stepping in to a bath. This happens because chemical reaction of chlorine stimulates the skin in water. Chlorine is not resolved and removed even if boiled by 100 degrees or more. The hot water that comes out from our Water Machine can resolve, and remove chlorine so that the water becomes gentle to the skin,and the effect of the hot spring can be experienced.
We highly recommend trying it to atopic dermatitis.

Hair and Cosmetics room

Installation at the boiler room
'The Water Machine' produces water that can be used for a variety of different functions.(for Livestock, poultry farming , agriculture, fruit farms)

Promote physical growth and health maintenance

Helps animals digest feed, absorb nutrients and develop more tender flesh

Helps preserve the freshness of eggs and strengthen egg shells making them more difficult to break. Increases egg laying rates

Use ionized alkaline water at fruit farms for amazingly sweet strawberries

(Analysis by the Hokkaido Pharmacist Association's Public Health Laboratory)
  Tap Water Water running through the Water Machine
Calcium 11.5mg/l 14.8
pH 6.7mg/l 8.6
Residual chlorine 0.3mg/l 0.05

* Results of JIS S3200-7 testing
 The Water Machine water purifier conforms to compound release performance criteria
(Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute Testing)
* Results of JIS S3200-1 pressure resistance testing
 No leaking, deformation or damage observed
(Hokkaido Industrial Research Institute Testing)

The Water Machine
is installed directly to the main water pipe.

Clean Water System
for the recieve tank and water cistern

Water Purification and Activation Machine