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Crystal H2O
Content 45g

Adsorbs and analyzes lead, a heavy metal, impurities and smell of chlorine in tap water. Improves tasty water.

Just put it into a pet bottle. Makes Alkaline Ion Water with a pH 7.5~8.6. Reusable and economical.

  • After playing sports.
  • Removes smell of enteruria for dogs and cats
  • Prolongs the lives of cut flowers and other plants
  • Good for tea, coffee, cooking rice.
  • For ice trays in a refrigerator

Water-solubles calcium carbonate ore
Specially manufactured tourmaline ceramics
Shellfish Fossil
Dechlorine ceramics

1, Put the product in a clean plastic 500-ml or 2-liter bottle. Fill it up halfway with water. Shake the bottle up and down about 10 times, and dispose the water once.*

2, Fill up the bottle with fresh water, and allow the product to soak for about 90 minutes for 500-ml and 2,3 hours for 2-liter. The tasty, ionized water is now ready to drink.

3, For best results, consume a large amount water. The more you drink, the more effective.**

*A small amount of mineral particles may initially come out of the stick, but this is normal, and has no effect on the quality.

**If a prepared bottle of water is not consumed for more than a couple of days, in some cases, you may notice a slight chemical odor due to the high alkalinity. There is no problem with this condition; simply dispose the water and make a fresh bottle.


The water of dissolution for CrystalH2O (mg/l)



Magnesium 1.72
PH value 8.5
 Residual chlorine 0.05
From Hokkaido Pharmaceutical Association Public Health Examination Centre

Result of heavy-metal adsorption test

( Before using CystalH2O )
General tap water, a heavy metal and other compound   


( After using CrystalH2O )

After 90 minutes, the water of dissolution for CrystalH2O

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