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Bihada Onsen 60g

Content 30g x 2

Superior perspiration This product uses 100% natural ingredients including "Yunohana" (mineral deposits) from the Futamata hot spring, tourmaline, coral hossils, and Aomori cedar wood.The effects include smoothening of the skin, better perspiration, forest-like relaxation thanks to negative ions and the scent of cedars, as well as antibacterial and deodorant effects.

Mineralpowder from the Futamata hot spring
(water-soluble calcium carbonate content 95.75%)

Effective fro nerve pain, rheumatism, back pain, fatigue, poor blood circulation, rough/dry skin, etc

20million-year-old caral fossil from Kuromatsunai, Hokkaido

Smoothens the skin and warms up your entire body

2Cedar wood powder from Aomori, Japan

Forest-like relaxation with the scent of cedar trees,antibacterial and deodorant effects, etc.

Super-tormaline powder from Brazil

Improves blood circulation and alleviates nerve pain by its negative ions and far-infrared radiation.

Kneed the product under the water (approx. 200litle) so that the essence exudes completely and then stir the water. It is recommended to remain in the bath for at least 10 minites. If you wish to use the water later, do not drain it.

On the following morning, a powdery substance will have deposited on the bottom, and the upper trasparent part of the water can be used for wasing. If you wish to use the same water for bathing again, remove the water to the level 10cm above the bottom of the bathtub and then add fresh water.

By repeating this process, you can use the same water about three times. If you reheat the water for bathing, you can use the same water three or four times. The antibacterial effect prevents your bathtub from becoming slimy or scaly.

Caution: Do not soak towels inthe water of Bihada Onsen: They may be colored by the pigments of the natural extracts.

Goodbye to steroids!!
Sufferd from atopic dermatitis for 26 years Mrs.T.T. of Kameyama city Mie Prefecture, Japan (an excerpt from the Futamata Hot Spring Newspaper)

--- left ---
using Bihada Onsen 3hours after bathing

--- right ---
Using another product 3hours after bathing

professor of balneology at Sapporo International University
Tadanori Matsuda (born in 1949)

When I used the prorduct at home, I was surprised at its effects. As a professor of balneology, I concentrated on evaluating the product in the bathtab, but I started sweating after just five minutes. Its thermal effect is excellent.
Since the thermal effect is most important, it is not easy to choose the right product from among the dozens of bath salts on sale. Of all the products, the products, the all-natural Bihada Onsen is, I think, the most authentic and is truly worth buying.
It is good that now even those who cannot afford to visit the Futamata Hot spring can experience its spa-like relaxation in their own home.

Yunohana in Bihada Onsen is only one simple Alkaline spring in Japan. Tufa dome has been designated a Hokkaido cultural asset and natural monument. Yonohana is blended in this product.

An elephant “Hanako” was rickety. However, she had recovered from rachitis thanks to the hot spring. The quality of minerals is discussed at the first Hokkaido Pharmaceutical assembly.

Bihada Onsen analyses and eliminates chlorine promptly and makes your skin smooth.
After running hot water in a bathtub, precipitate of Yunomana is left on a bottom of bathtub. However, the precipitate analyses slime of drain and boiler scale.

You can use the hot water that left for crop plant, house plant and cut flowers. It helps to encourage them.

Water Purification and Activation Machine