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Power Hydro Water
Power Hydro Water
Power Hydro Water
Content 50g

Changes Tap water into Healthy water!!

Controls active-oxgen in your body.Removes bad smells of chlorine.Contains lots of minerals.

  • Tasty coffee,tea,and cooking.
  • Dilute Whiskey with water.
  • Good for plants and cut flowers.
  • For your ideal diet,smooths your blood flow.
  • Water supply after exercise.
  • Removes bad smells of pet`s toilet.
  • rinse effect after shampoo, and it can be used as a face lotion

Metal Magnesium, a Material for Hydro Water has been increased 30% as the conventional products of our company. The up-graded power of reduction with quite more hydrogen generated by more metal magnesium. 1000cc hydrogen could be generated by 1g of metalmagnesium. POWER HYDRO WATER has 20g of it!!!

Metal Magnesium reacts with Water and generates Hydrogen.
This Hydrogen Makes the ORP(Oxidation-reduction Potential)of Tap Water Down to the Negateve ORP and Controls Harmful Active-Oxygen in Our Body!!!

What is Active-Oxygen?

Active-Oxygen has the power to kill microbial invaders in our body.
However, Active-Oxygen can be the Causes of Aging and other diseases if it increases too much because it starts to destroy normal health cells around it.

What is reduction?

Reduction is to fix the oxygenazed condition.
We call the mesurement divice to check the power of reduction"ORP meter", and shows its unit as 'mV(milli-Volt)'.Negative mV works strongly more than positive.

■Tap water / +500 to +700 mV

■Water after using Power Hydro Water / -120~-301mV(pH7.6-8.6)

The result of th ORP amout of POWER HYDRO WATER

TAP Water=+584mV After 12hours with Power Hydro Water=-301mV

  1. Please put Power Hydro Water Stick into a clean plastic bottle half filled with water.Shake the bottle 10 to 20 times, then waste the water for the first use.
  2. By leaving it for 4-5 hours, ORP amount can be lowered till -120-180mV.For 2L pet bottle,put 2-3 sticks inside and leave it for more than 5 hours. By leaving it for a long time, you can make more ionized, tasty hydrogen water.
  3. If you empty the bottle to the last drop, just fill it again and reuse the stick. It dosen’t matter to plus water to the remain hydro water too. In that case, you can shorten the time of ionization.
  4. It can be more ionized when leaving it at normal temperature.When putting the stick in the bottle and leave it, you can see bubbles on the surface of the stick. It’s ORP(Oxidation Reduction Potential).


500ml pet bottle
for 4~5 hours


2L pet bottle
for more than 5 hours

Piriod of use/About 2~3months

You can repeat about 120~150 times in a 500ml bottl

When you feel chiorine and smell of chiorine after 3 month,
change it to a new stick.


This product is for water. DO NOT boil the stick in a pot.
In case of following, please waste the water and do process①.

  • In case you tastes like natural minerals or the water is milky.
  • In case you put the stick into water too long and taste changed.
  • In case using the stick, some powder settle downs on the bottom.
      (The powder would be Magnesium, so there is no harm)

measured results of pH test liquid

  1. (A)general tap water pH of 6.8
  2. (B)pH of 7.5-8.5 (after ionizing)

tap water chloride concentration

  1. (A)chlorination reaction in general tap water
  2. (B)no chlorination reaction after using

It was talked-about the mass media!!!!!

Hydrogen Power from tap water.

Removes Active-Oxygen that is said “ Baddy” in a body.
Hydrogen is a curative effect.

Drink tasty water and become healthy.

Hydrogen removes Active-Oxygen cause arteriosclerosis and so on and cuts brain damage from a cerebral infarction by half. These effects are confirmed by professors in Japan Medial Graduate University through Experiments on animals. It removes just Active-Oxygen that is bad for the body; it is expected development of therapeutic agents for a cerebral infraction.

power hydro water
Sheet type

power hydro water
Box type

Water Purification and Activation Machine