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Slim Water EX
Slim Water EX
Slim Water EX
Content 38g

Full of minerals in a stylish stick!
Daily drinking assists your weight-control.

Removing the chlorine from tap water upgrades the taste.

Drink at least 1.5 to 2.0L (6 - 8 1/2 cups) a day for best results.
Ionized water with reduced water molecules give a delicate taste which makes easier to drink the recommended amount a day.

  • As delicate taste as Iwashimizu groundwater works for making tea, barley tea, oolong tea, coffee,and the like.
  • Fantastic for making a whiskey-and-water!!
  • Use this ionized water to cook various cuisines or to cook rice at home or restaurant to upgrade the taste.
  • Pouring this water into the ground or a vase last your plants and cut flowers longer.
  • The used-up product (after 3 months from the first use) still have a positive way to use,just take the ingredients out and blend them with the ground of your plants.

NEW RELEASE! Slim Water For PET Bottle

Weight-control with water has been played up in the media, and this is the best selling weight-control water maker “Slim Water”.

1 product can be used 180 times without electricity!
Purify water EASIER with an empty PET bottle,
just “pour-and-wait”!

Pitcher purification version for home!

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Our own licensed manufacturing method tourmaline balls and water-soluble calcium (contains 95.75% calcium) transform tap water into delicious and healthful ionized-alkaline water of pH 7.6 - 9.0.
Ionized water with reduced water molecules give a delicate taste which makes easier to drink the recommended amount a day.
Increase the effects of weight-control. Prevent thrombus and constipation!!

■Natural Ionized-alkaline water (pH 7.6 - 9.0)
■Natural ionized water with water-soluble calcium (contains 95.75% calcium)

Assist your dietary cure and improve your constitution by preventing accumulation of fat

Reported with banner headlines!
Been the hugest topic on the TV and magazines!
Played up in the Hong Kong media and been womens’ must-have item!

Water-soluble calcium carbonateNatural ater-soluble
calcium (contains
95.75% calcium)
Special tourmaline ceramicsTourmaline blends by
our own licensed
manufacturing method.
Desalination ceramicsDecompose the chlorine
smell of tap water
(deodorizing effect).
BakuhannsekiPromote solubility of
minerals, vitalize water,
and decompose
impurities in tap water.

Put a product into a CLEAN PET bottle and fill the bottle halfway with tap water.
Shake the bottle vertically about 10 - 20 times to rinse the excess ingredient powder out of the product.DISCARD only the water (keep the product inside!) and fill the bottle with new tap water up to the lid.

Leave the bottle for 90 - 180 minutes to make ionized water of pH 7.6 - 9.0.

pH (basicity) Test Results

  1. (A)General Tap Water of pH 6.8 - 7.0
  2. (B)pH7.5 - 9.0 (proves it’s ionized with our product.)

Chlorine Concentration In Tap Water

  1. (A)Chlorine reaction in general tap water
  2. (B)No chlorine reaction after using our product

Slim Water EX
Hanging Cardboard version

Water Purification and Activation Machine