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Alkali-ionize purification pouch
Alkali-ionize Purification Pouch
Purification Pouch
Content 60g
  • Up grade your dish and cook better rice by using this water at cooking
  • Ionized alkaline water maintains your intestines after greasy meals
  • Awesome for making a whiskey-and-water!!
  • Great for using in an ice-cube tray to make purer ice-cubes
  • Pouring this water into the ground or a vase last your plants and cut flowers longer

RO water(pure water) changes to healthy and delicious alkaline ionized water.

Just put one pouch in a cold water jug.

The countries with undrinkable tap water needs to be purified by reverse osmosis(RO) to make it drinkable.
Generally, most of countries drink RO processed water.
RO processed water loses all of nutrition and minerals while its process and it does not contain any nutritive elements.
The pH reagent test measures RO water is acid pH 5.5-6.5,
however just putting ALKALI-IONIZE PURIFICATION POUCH into RO water elutes
minerals and transform it into healthful and tasty,
ionized alkaline water of pH 7.6-8.6.

※Even general tap water without RO process,the pouch absorbs chlorine and transforms it into healthful water.
Leaving the pouch into tap water for 3-5 hours transforms it into ionizedalkaline water of pH 7.6-9.0.

  • ●Pour 1-2 liter water into a bottle,and put 1 pouch into the bottle. Leave the bottle with the pouch in for 3-5 hours. If you want to raise pH faster,put 2 pouches into the bottle for faster ionization. If you finished drinking water of the bottle,pour water into the bottle again and do the same process noted above for the next purification. The pouch is usable approx. 3 months from the first purification by repeating the same process.
  • ●If you use the pouch at where serves visitors plenty of water such as diner or restaurant, use 2-3 pouches for faster purification.
  • ●The pouch can be used with the electric kettle or it can be boiled in the pan to brew tasty tea or coffee.

After the first purification,water may taste like an ore or water may look turbid due to the natural reaction by calcium powder, however it is harmless to humans and water is drinkable.

Usable term:Approx. 3months from the first use

(purifies 300 -480 liters)

Alkali-Ionize Purification Pouch (10 pieces)

Dissolution rate of a Alkaline-Ionize Purification Pouch in RO water (pure water) after 10 hours.

pH:9 calcium : 18.4 Iron:0.01
Magnesium : 0.4 zinc : 0.005 (mg / ℓ)

From Hokkaido Pharmaceutical Association Public Health Examination Centre

measured results of pH test liquid

  1. (A)RO water (pure water) pH5.5 ~ 6 (acidic)
  2. (B)Alkali ion-made water pack dissolved water

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